Article I: Name and Purpose

Section One: Name
This society shall be known as the Nebraska Healthcare Marketers, hereinafter as the Society.

Section Two: Purpose and Scope
This society exists to support those involved in the communication function of health care faculties. In advancement of this purpose, the scope of activities of the Society shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Providing expertise through educational programs in the field(s) of health care marketing and public relations.
  2. Maintaining communications among health care marketing and public relation professionals.

  3. Promoting the development and proficiency of professionals in the principles of health care marketing and public relations.
  4. Striving continually to raise health care marketing and public relations standards, and to adhere to the values of honesty, accuracy and good taste.
  5. Building partnerships between the Society, the Nebraska Hospital Association, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and other organizations with emphasis on educational activities directed toward general involvement of service to health care related clients/customers in the state of Nebraska.