Article IV: Board of Directors

Section One: Composition
The Board of Directors of the Society shall consist of no fewer than six, no more than 10 members, including the officers of the Society and past president.

Section Two: Terms of Office
A term of office for elected directors shall be three calendar years. Terms of the elected directors shall be set in such a manner so as to allow expiration of terms of one-third of the board’s members each year.

Section Three: Eligibility
Only professional members in good standing shall be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors of the Society. The configuration of the Board shall be limited to one member per health care organization.

Section Four: Removal
Board members shall be subject to removal if they have three unexcused consecutive absences from board meetings, if they demonstrate malfeasance in office or if a majority of the Board votes for removal.

Section Five: Duties
The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to develop plans, objectives and purposes for the Society; establish standing and/or ad hoc committees in line with the objectives of the Society, and, in order to implement the Society’s programs, review the recommendations of these committees, prepare and administer the budget, establish the program and format of the Society’s annual meetings and other programs the Society conducts. The board shall also be responsible for publication and distribution of regular communication with the members.

Section Six: Meetings
The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly, two of which can be conducted via conference call or video conference. Additional meetings may be called by the president. A quorum shall consist of 50 percent of the Board.